Adam & Gemma’s Story

When my waters broke at 26+5 wks I didn’t have a clue what would happen next.  After an ambulance trip to Dundee in the snow Adam and Gemma were born on 9 Feb 07 in Ninewells at exactly 27 weeks gestation, Adam weighed a tiny 1 lb 14 oz and Gemma 2 lbs 5 oz. I had never seen such small babies before and the whole experience was very surreal. Following a 4 week stay in Dundee NICU (where we were also fantastically well looked after) we were tranferred back to the Neonatal Unit in Aberdeen in early March where the twins stayed for a further 9 weeks until finally going home on May 12th which was the day after their original due date.
Those 13 weeks will forever be etched in our minds and we had our fair share of ups and downs in the unit with blood transfusions, infections and so on, and for the whole 9 weeks they were there I think they only ever spent about a week of it in the same room in the unit!  We can’t ever thank enough the staff that made our stay there more bearable and comfortable.  The support and treatment we all received was second to none.

Despite their shaky start Adam and Gemma are now two very happy and healthy nearly-5 yr olds who love going to nursery, swimming and horse riding and are real wee characters.

Although Adam has mild cerebral palsy as a result of his early arrival, he is doing brilliantly, he can walk unaided and has recently learned to jump and has a real thing for numbers.  Gemma never stops talking and has some amazing artistic skills and is a typically girlie girl who loves pink sparkly stuff (unlike her mother!).

Adam & Gemma are looking forward to starting school in August this year and its a day we didn’t ever dare hope for in those early months.  The work that the unit does is truly amazing and once your life has been touched by that nothing is ever the same again.