Aisha & Lee’s Story

We were born on the 1st December 1998, 12 weeks too early!  Our mum had gone  into labour at her work on 26th November and was eventually transferred( in a bumpy journey)  by ambulance to Glasgow Maternity Hospital because there was no room for us at Aberdeen’s Neonatal Unit.   Luckily for mum the doctors there managed to stop her contractions and she was allowed to go home on the train 4 days later.  During the train journey however, we were a bit too excited about making our entrance, and she went into labour again and had to go straight to the hospital when she arrived back in Aberdeen and around 12 hours later we were born!  Emergency caesarean and Aisha came first at 6.15am weighing 1490g and Lee was fast behind her at 6.16am weighing 1300g.   We spent the first 11 weeks of our lives in the Neonatal Unit in Aberdeen, mum said it was like her second home but the staff there took such great care of us all as well as all the other babies and families there.

Mum said we gave her such a lot of scares during that time with various infections, breathing problems, blood transfusions and Lees lung collapsed but thankfully we were eventually allowed home at the beginning of February and just before our due birth date of 20th February 1999.

Lee- I was diagnosed with cerebral palsy when I was 2 and this affects my legs but I love football and can mostly play with my friends as I like to be goalkeeper and mum says I am very determined and will try everything!   I am a bit slower than my friends at football but I am good at reading and writing and mum says we can’t be good at everything!  I love playing my xbox and PSP and I am a ballboy at Aberdeen Football Club who I support as well as Manchester United.  I also like to play my guitar.  I would like to be an Engineer when I’m older.

Aisha – I have had some problems with my legs and back too but I love dancing and singing and putting on makeup and clothes.  I like shopping and going to the cinema with my friends and my favourite bands are JLS, One Direction, The Saturdays and The Wanted.    I also love Adele and Rhianna!   I would like to be a Nursery Teacher when I’m older.

We are now in first year at Hazlehead Academy and enjoy it so far and we will be teenagers soon which will be cool!   Mum says she doesn’t know where the time has gone but she does say she will be forever grateful to the Neonatal Unit for their support and care during the first months of our lives!  We like to help with all the fundraising that mum gets involved in like fashion shows,coffee mornings, bag packing and selling raffles because if we can help other babies then we think  that’s a good thing to do!

A huge thank you to everyone involved in our care and helped get us here today!

Lots of love

Aisha and Lee   xx