Alfie’s Story

I was admitted to the Westburn ward in the hospital at 32 weeks and monitored for 4 days before the doctors decided to give me an emergency section and our wee boy Alfie was born on 7th August 2005 weighing 4lb 4oz

He was immediately taken to the neo natal unit where from the second he entered the unit the care and dedication of the staff was amazing, the doctors and nurses always took the time to talk to you and tell you what was happening, and the nurses ALWAYS made the time to take him out of the incubator to let you have a cuddle which was always the most amazing thing. Alfie needed 2 trips over to the children’s hospital for surgery when he was in the unit which was a very worrying time but again the lovely team made sure you knew as soon as he was back in the unit and let you go and see him.

Altogether we spent 10 weeks in the unit and made some wonderful friends who knew what we were going through at the time and helped ease the stress of being there.

Alfie is now 6 years old and so far in his short life has had over 27 general anaesthetics (I lost count at that) he’s a happy wee boy and is in P2 at school and goes to swimming, football and just recently started Beavers

We can not praise the staff there enough they show so much skill and expertise to what I am sure is a very stressull job, we as a family will never be able to repay the staff for all they have done for us.