Allissa’s Story

Allissa was born the day after her due date.  We had a normal labour after a healthy pregnancy, everything seemed perfect.  During the night she was admitted to the special nursery because she appeared to be holding her breath, the following morning we watched helplessly as she suffered a seizure and stopped breathing.  She was moved to intensive care and stayed there for a fortnight.  She had multiple tests and scans which all came back clear, she continued to have seizures and no one knew why.  Eventually it was determined that Allissa had suffered brain damage the cause being unknown.  We were informed that it would be most likely that she would be severely disabled.  She would continue to be fed through a tube directly into her stomach as she lacked the sucking reflex.  Because this is the most basic of survival instincts we were told to expect an unresponsive baby/child with little or no mobility it would also be expected that she would be deaf and blind.  However because there was no way of knowing what had happened to cause the damage it was impossible for them to know how much it would affect her life in the long term.

Allissa came home shortly after, being fed by bottle not tube.  She was taken off all anti seizure medication by the age of 6 months and has continued to thrive!  She has worked very hard and her determined nature has helped her surprise us day after day.  She is now 21 months old and although she can’t walk or crawl properly yet she can sit unaided for as long as she wants to, feed herself and say a few words.  She gets around by rolling along the floor and piveting.  Her most recent development has been managing to sit up from a lying down position by herself and this week she has started to drag herself along the ground commando style.  She is neither deaf nor blind.

We feel so thankful that the special nursery were able to save Allissa and look after her so well in her early weeks.  If not for them our situation would be very different and Allissa would never have had the chance to show us all the love and affection she does so readily.  She is such a happy girl extremely loving, always giggling and especially likes kisses, swimming and music.  Everyone in the nursery was so caring and we always knew that she was in the very best of hands.    I will never be able to fully express my gratitude to the special nursery staff, we feel unbelievably fortunate to have our wonderful little girl with us each and every day enjoying life and it’s all down to their patience, knowledge, skill and hard work.