Calling all Grandparents

** Calling all Grandparents – One of our fabulous members (and new ‘friends’ committee members) has came to us with a great idea.  Her mother-in law spent many hours waiting in the reception area of the unit while her son and daughter-in-law were in with there baby.  There is nothing there for grandparents to read and get some much needed comfort and hope from.  Quite often our parents and in-laws can feel helpless not knowing what they can do to help.  So with that we are looking to make up a wee book similar to the scrapbooks but not as big,  for just the grandparents to be kept at the reception waiting room.  This can be story’s of there experience, letters, poem, helpful advice, Photos with there grandchild.  Anything you think may help.  <3 If you can all share the word around and contact can be made though here

Thank you 🙂