1st Day at school

Yesterday my wee man asked to try on his school uniform for the first time (cue the tears) He starts primary one next week and It got me thinking – I know  many of you who have wee ones starting school this year you would have not imagined this day would ever come while you ...Read more

fundraising night

For tickets contact Stephen Young at Petrofac or 01224 247396 ...Read more

Rara Flash mob.

We are excited to be attending the RARA flash mob tomorrow. We hope that you can be there to join in or come along and support us.  All information is on the Events page with rara on facebook.   See you all there ...Read more

Petrofac employees

in Aberdeen have been fundraising for the Friends of the Special Nursery (FOSN) after staff selected the cause to become its ‘charity of the year.’  The company is 18 months into a two-year partnership with FOSN and aims to raise £33,000 to purchase a Giraffe incubator for the neonatal unit. Petrofac staff have so far ...Read more

Family meet up

Just to let you all know of our next meet up. We are looking to have a few a year but hold them in different places around Aberdeen & Aberdeenshire so everyone can hopefully get a chance to come along. 🙂 hoping to have some toys for the kids to play with as well but ...Read more


Our Annual General Meeting  this year takes place on Wednesday 18th March, 7:30pm at Queens Cross Church, Aberdeen. It will be held in one of the rooms upstairs. Everyone is welcome to attend. We are always looking for new volunteers to join us & this is a great opportunity to find out more about what the charity ...Read more