Special Stories

Jessica Doran-Mackie

Jessica was due the 29th March 2012. On the 15th February at 33+6 weeks during what i thought would be a normal anti-natal appointment I was sent straight to AMH with suspected pre-eclampsia soon after a scan ans some tests it was confirmed I had moderate to severe pre-eclampsia and was informed that i may ...Read more

Elizabeth Hunter

Elizabeth was born at full term plus 2 weeks; in fact she had to be persuaded out with a ventouse delivery! We got home the following afternoon and all seemed to be going well. However on that first night home she stopped feeding, and at 2 days old our midwife sent us back to the ...Read more

Jade McWilliam

My husband and myself tried for a baby for over 4years. After going through fertility treatment i finally fell pregnant with twins, but sadly when i was 8weeks pregnant i lost one. However i was still carrying a baby so was really happy. Was quite ill during pregnancy, severe sickness and really bad SPD (symphonis ...Read more

Rory Jamieson

I was born by emergency caesarean at 6.00pm on Mon 14th March 2011. I weighed a healthy 6lbs 7 3/4oz and despite needing a wee bit help to breathe when I first arrived, my mummy believed I would be back in her arms after she got a good nights sleep. But I had other ideas ...Read more

Tyler Nairn

I was born at 26 weeks when my mummy’s waters broke unexpectedly, i was born at Aberdeen Maternity Hospital at 5 minutes to 5 on Tuesday 28th July weighing a tiny 610g (5lb 1.5oz). I was in the intensive care unit of nao natal unit for 8 weeks, during the first 2 weeks it was ...Read more

Adam & Gemma’s Story

When my waters broke at 26+5 wks I didn’t have a clue what would happen next.  After an ambulance trip to Dundee in the snow Adam and Gemma were born on 9 Feb 07 in Ninewells at exactly 27 weeks gestation, Adam weighed a tiny 1 lb 14 oz and Gemma 2 lbs 5 oz. ...Read more