Special Stories

Aisha & Lee’s Story

We were born on the 1st December 1998, 12 weeks too early!  Our mum had gone  into labour at her work on 26th November and was eventually transferred( in a bumpy journey)  by ambulance to Glasgow Maternity Hospital because there was no room for us at Aberdeen’s Neonatal Unit.   Luckily for mum the doctors there ...Read more

Alfie’s Story

I was admitted to the Westburn ward in the hospital at 32 weeks and monitored for 4 days before the doctors decided to give me an emergency section and our wee boy Alfie was born on 7th August 2005 weighing 4lb 4oz He was immediately taken to the neo natal unit where from the second ...Read more

Allissa’s Story

Allissa was born the day after her due date.  We had a normal labour after a healthy pregnancy, everything seemed perfect.  During the night she was admitted to the special nursery because she appeared to be holding her breath, the following morning we watched helplessly as she suffered a seizure and stopped breathing.  She was ...Read more

Riley’s Story

I had a “textbook” pregnancy, and on the 31st of October 2007, I started to go in to labour, right on time. As many of you will know, having a baby can take time and after 15 hours we still hadn’t made much progress.  It was around this time that the midwife checked for my ...Read more

Andrews Story

On the 1st of March 2011, David and Elaine Gray from Keith in Banffshire became proud parents to their first child together, naming their boy Andrew. Soon after birth, it became apparent that Andrew was seriously ill, and was transferred to the Neonatal Unit at Aberdeen Maternity Hospital. It was here that the true extent ...Read more

Holly, Cara & Kate’s Story

Finding out early on that we were expecting triplets was not really what we were prepared for, and what we had initially hoped would be a very uneventful pregnancy turned into a very eventful one indeed! From our initial first scan which showed we had 3 tiny little embryos, medical staff were very negative about ...Read more