Holly, Cara & Kate’s Story

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However, things were about to become much harder when, at three weeks, Kate developed an infection rarely seen in a special nursery and did not respond to medication.  We had a heartbreaking week when Kate had practically no platelets left in her blood despite repeated transfusions due to the infection and was at serious risk of haemorrhaging, her liver was much bigger than its normal size due to trying to fight the infection and we were taken into a room one morning and told that she may not survive the day.  The feelings I felt at this point were so overwhelming – I had only just given birth to this much wanted wee girl and I was now faced with the very real possibility of losing her.  But somehow, at the eleventh hour, a mix of antibiotics not normally used on babies and the last option in each antibiotic group worked and Kate started to recover.  It took us a while to recover from this, we were very worried that the others would catch the same infection and not be so lucky and so every little infection (of which premmie babies have many) was very worrying.  But the girls all started to grow stronger and eventually at 6 weeks old we received the shocking news that they were ready to come home!  We spent 3 nights in the parentcraft room, an experience that was really helpful but also a nightmare with 3 noisy babies who needed fed all the time!  And at last, in mid November 2007, Cara, Holly and Kate were all ready to come home.

I won’t pretend that the last four years have been easy – the first year I didn’t even feel like a proper mum as I couldn’t even look after the babies on my own and needed almost constant help from both our mums (who have both been absolutely wonderful), but we almost reminisce at those early days and nights when we’d get two hours sleep and then be up feeding and expressing, all five of us sat spread out on the couch, working our way through the whole boxed set of ‘Friends’ at the same time!  Then two hours later we’d be back for the next episodes!

Fortunately, when you have triplets, it starts off being as hard as it possibly can be and so every year life has got easier and little things like being able to take the girls out on my own and know that they won’t run off makes a huge difference.  We have the family we hoped we’d have eventually, just a little bit sooner than we thought, and we know that if it wasn’t for all the wonderful work that the staff at the special nursery do to save these little babies’ lives and the support they give to disoriented and traumatised parents, we would not have the happy little family that we have today.  And for that, the special nursery will always have an important place in our hearts.