Jade McWilliam

My husband and myself tried for a baby for over 4years. After going through fertility treatment i finally fell pregnant with twins, but sadly when i was 8weeks pregnant i lost one. However i was still carrying a baby so was really happy. Was quite ill during pregnancy, severe sickness and really bad SPD (symphonis pubis dysfunction). I got rushed into hospital when i was 30weeks pregnant because of severe pain and high blood pressure. Dr’s rushed me straight to theatre for an emergency section.

Jade was born 10 weeks early and weighed 2lbs 8oz. She was rushed into intensive care. She was doing well and i got to hold her for the first time at 10days old, was so excited but also panicky because of all the wires coming out of her.

She got put through to high dependency that same day and was doing well up until day 12. She became really puffy and started to breathe really heavy. The Doctors sent for Professor Weir to come and scan her,we still didn’t realise anything was too untoward until we got taken aside and they told us she had suffered a heart attack, our whole world had just collapsed. Ian and i got told we had half an hour to go home and pack as Jade was getting sent down to Yorkhill Hospital in Glasgow. When we arrived back to the neonatal Jade was in a globe trotter and the Dr’s were taking her into an ambulance on route to the airport as they told us she had to fly as she wouldn’t make the trip by road. I asked if i could go with her and they said i could but there was no room for Ian so he would have to drive. I was so scared for her and couldn’t stop crying.

When we arrived in Yorkhill Intensive Care, the Dr’s kept her in a heavily sedated state so that her body could rest as she had to get open heart surgery the next day. We got told that they didn’t want to operate as she was so tiny and early and that she might not survive the operation, but if they didn’t do it she would die, also telling us that there was a high percentage of her suffering brain damage or kidney failure. We were in such a state and i remember thinking that i wanted to pick her up and run and that this wasn’t happening to us.
The next day the surgeon Mr Pollock and his team came and they wheeled her away to theatre i remember begging them to look after her.

Ian and i just wandered about the hospital in a daze and crying. About 4hours later a nurse came to find us and told us she was back from theatre. Mr Pollock was waiting for us and told us that she had narrowed arteries which they sorted by taking her main artery from her left arm and splicing it into the narrow part. He told us that he had to give her heart massage as she had died but he took her walnut sized heart ( as he described it) into his hands and massaged it back to life. I gave him a big hug and kiss and told him i will forever be thankful to him.She wasn’t out of the woods yet and had a couple of minor setbacks but 12days later she flew back to the neonatal in Aberdeen.

Two months and 4 days later we were allowed to take Jade home, she still was  tiny and weighed 4lbs 12oz, she was doing well and had came off her heart medications.
Jade is now 10years and doing really well, she still goes for check ups and hopefully will not need another operation. She does well at school, plays the guitar and is away to sit her yellow belt in karate which she loves doing.She also loves teasing her little sister who thankfully was full time with no problems.

The Dr’s and nurses in both Aberdeen neonatal and Yorkhill will always have a special place in our hearts God bless you all xxxx