Mascot of the Month

Jay & Aston Hearle

Our September Masot of the Month

Age - 5

How long were you in the Special Nursery? - 17 days

When were you born? - 14th July 2012

Likes – Jay - chilling on the sofa, playing with his toys and dressing up.
Aston - playing games, watching Paw Patrol and baking.

Dislikes – Jay - being laughed at by other children.
Aston - not being able to understand him sometimes with his speech.

Favorite thing in the whole world – Quad Bike.

Our Story

Jay and Aston were born 7 and a half weeks early by emergency c-section due my pregnancy having the complication of twin to twin transfusion syndrome. I got told that Aston possibly might not make the pregnancy where as they told me that Jay would likely have heart failure once delivered. Both the twins were breathing and crying once delivered however there were a few complications once they were taken away. They were both so tiny and we're in the intensive care until for three days before getting transferred to another section on the nursery. The staff were absolutely amazing.. They were there for the whole family. The amount of times I cried in that room was unbelievable but the staff was always there for a shoulder to cry on. At 13 days old I got told they were able to come home the next day however more complication arose. After 17 days in the nursery I was finally able to bring them home and they are both doing great. There has been some downs with their health however they are doing great now.

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