Rory Jamieson

I was born by emergency caesarean at 6.00pm on Mon 14th March 2011. I weighed a healthy 6lbs 7 3/4oz and despite needing a wee bit help to breathe when I first arrived, my mummy believed I would be back in her arms after she got a good nights sleep. But I had other ideas and after suffering seizures, temperature drops and low oxygen sats – I demanded all the tests they could so they could work out exactly what I needed to get back into my mummy’s arms. My MRI showed that I had suffered severe damage to my brain, and was diagnosed with severe cerebral palsy and this meant that my doctors were forced to give a bleak prognosis to Mummy & Daddy. It was a tough time for them but with all my nurse friends in ICU, High Dependency & Special Care – they stayed strong and were able to take me home 6 weeks later. I have given them a few scares since going home, and although the doctors didn’t expect me to be here now – I am about to celebrate my first birthday and I am making daily progress which continues to make my mummy & daddy so proud. I am taking my time with my development, but recently started weaning which put a big smile on Mummy’s face! One of my most favourite things are my weekly Boogie Babies classes when I get to sing, dance and play instruments (although my Mummy does more than me – I hardly get a look in – but it’s still fun). My mummy & daddy know how lucky they are to have me and how lucky they were that it was the Aberdeen NNU where I started my life! xxxx