Tyler Nairn

I was born at 26 weeks when my mummy’s waters broke unexpectedly, i was born at Aberdeen Maternity Hospital at 5 minutes to 5 on Tuesday 28th July weighing a tiny 610g (5lb 1.5oz). I was in the intensive care unit of nao natal unit for 8 weeks, during the first 2 weeks it was touch and go and i nearly died when my kidneys shut down and one of my lungs collpsed,up to then my eyes were still fused shut but i managed to open them and my mummy saw them for first time, she then new iwas going to be a fighter, and fight i did.I was promoted through to high dependancy still weighing under 3 lb but doing well with my breathing and was soon on through to special care. Finally i was allowed home on 23rd october one week before i wasdue to be born weighing 4lb 12oz. Mummy and daddy were so happy. I am now 2 and a hlf years old, still a wee toot, i go to playgroup 2 mornings a week, i love playing with my friends.My mummy and daddy think i’m amazing and call me their wee miracle, i have two friends that i meet from my time in the nursery and i see them nearly every week they are my special friends.