Useful Information

Whilst you are in the Unit

For most people having their baby on the Neonatal Unit comes as a huge shock. But rest assured that the Neonatal Unit is the best place to support new born babies who are ill or born prematurely.

Baby feeding advice

The neonatal unit staff support the WHO/UNICEF Babyfriendly Iniative to promote and encourage breast feeding. Tiny preterm babies and babies who are very ill may not be able to breast feed initially, however they will be able to have your expressed breast milk.

For the Dads

Useful info for all aspects of fatherhood

Twins and more

Caring for one newborn baby is quite challenging, but how do you manage if you're mum and dad to multiples? With expert input from Sandra Bosman, founder of the multiples charity More Than One, here are some top tips for parents of two or more!

Babies Who Come Early

Delivering a premature baby places you as a parent on an emotional roller coaster. Mums and dads of prem babies can expect to experience a mixture of stress, fear, optimism, despair, hope and depression after baby's birth. However, you will discover that you're not alone.

Coming home from the unit

Days, weeks or sometimes even months in hospital mean the arrival of your baby will have been very different from how you had imagined it. But finally the big day will come when your baby is ready to go home!

Bereavement help and advice

We are sorry for your loss. The death of a baby is a devastating experience for anyone. It affects people in many different ways and relatives, friends even work colleagues may also be affected by your baby’s death.

Counselling & advice

Local support

Looking for something local to you for you and your baby?

Child with additional support needs

Does your child have special needs, or do you have concerns about your child's development? This section has some useful information about special needs conditions as well as support organizations that can be of help in and around Aberdeen.