Bereavement help and advice

Bereaved parents and families

We are sorry for your loss.  The death of a baby is a devastating experience for anyone. It affects people in many different ways and relatives, friends even work colleagues may also be affected by your baby’s death.

We hope that in this section you will find support you need.  Some of the parents who are on the committee or members of the Friends of the Special Nursery babies have died so you are not alone.

Understanding and making sense of your longed-for baby’s death takes time and sadly sometimes you may never have the answers you are looking for.

We hope that these links can help make things a little easier for you:

  • – SANDS (Still Birth and Neonatal Death Charity) seeks to offer support in may ways when your baby dies during or after pregnancy
  • Royal Aberdeen Children’s Hospital Bereaved Families Support Group tel: 01224 550103/55020
  • Grampian Child Bereavement Network
  •  Royal Aberdeen Children’s Hospital Bereaved Families Sibling Support Group
  • Counselling – The Friends of the Special Nursery can provide access to a counsellor for you
  • – provides support for people to understand grief and cope with their loss
  • Funeral Directors – there are a number of funeral directors in our area. Please make sure they are members of the National Association of Funeral Directors.
  • Memories – there are many lovely websites that can personalise keepsake boxes for your baby’s treasured items.

If you feel there is any other way that we can help please get in touch with us.