Coming home from the unit

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When can my baby come home?

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Preparing to go home

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At home

Many mums and dads experience feelings of anxiety and perhaps even loneliness. The important thing is for you not to be isolated. If you have made friends in Special Care, stay in touch with them. Parents who have been through similar experiences to you will be able to give you a unique support and maybe even friendship that no one else can. Take advantage of offers from family and friends to visit and help you. You are not on your own!

You will also have on-going support from your GP and your health visitor.


You and your baby may have travelled a difficult road to get to where you are now. But remember, your baby is coming home because they are well enough to leave Special Care and the staff are confident that you can now look after your baby on your own. All parents will tell you how quickly your time with your baby passes, so be sure to treasure it and enjoy getting to know your baby!