World Premature day 2014

15 million babies will be born prematurely around the world this year, 60,000 of them right here in the UK. Having a baby in a Neonatal unit can be a difficult and scary time.
Help up raise awareness by Supporting WORLD PREMATURITY DAY on 17th November and GO PURPLE

This year we are making poster of no and then photos of premmies – If you would like one of theses made up for you Miracle baby/babies for World Prematurity day please Pm us your now and then photos or just now photos. Posters will be uploaded to our facebook page for you to download, tag and share or make your profile page. Thank you 🙂 Photos must be received by the 14th to give us enough time to do one for you for the 17th. you can also email our page for more information.Kai . logan.