All about 4 room resale flat renovation package

4 room resale flat

Have you recently bought a resale 4-room HDB flat? The next exciting step is to hire an interior designer to help you transform your property into a home! Resale flats need more refurbishment and space planning than a BTO since they have more extensive square footage. We provide 4 room resale flat renovation package

96 Interior is the place to go if you’re looking for high-quality interior design and client service. When it comes to 4 room resale flat renovation package flats, we’re an award-winning Singapore interior design and remodeling agency that provides full-service solutions and all-inclusive packages.

Our team of skilled interior designers is dedicated to getting to know you and your family so that they can create comfortable environments for you all to enjoy. We have a team of skilled interior designers that can turn any house into a place where you can live, work, play, and develop, no matter what style you prefer: Scandinavian, minimalist, contemporary, or industrial.

In addition to 3- and 5-room resale apartments, we have a lot of experience designing and renovating residential construction. Our four-room resale apartment restoration package includes everything from expert design through brickwork, carpentry, flooring, & plumbing is included in our four-room resale apartment restoration package. At every stage of the process, we promise to work closely with you and preserve the highest possible standards of quality and craftsmanship. Let us show you what we can do for you!

The following items are included in the resell refurbishment package for four rooms

Expertise in design and services

  1. Interior design and Space planning
  2. 3D Perspective sketch and design proposal
  3. Choosing the suitable materials and colors
  4. Consulting and project management services
  5. Inspection of the site and timetable of work

4 room resale flat

Hacking Is Effective

  • Provide labor and tools for hacking and destroying an existing kitchen cabinet
  • Use existing floor and wall finishes in the kitchen and bathroom as inspiration for new designs.

The Craft of Carpentry

Solid plywood and laminate kitchen cabinetry 20 feet long (L) design, manufacture, and install

  • ABS door and handle trimming
  • Table top made of 10 feet. quartz
  • stainless steel serving tray with sand-blasted glass door c/w hydraulic system
  • For kitchen doors and drawers alone, provide labor and equipment to install Anti-slam hinges.

Vinyl Floors are Effective

  • Install 5mm European vinyl flooring in the living area, main bedroom, and first and second bedrooms.
  • In the realm of plumbing,
  • Install a kitchen sink with a faucet
  • Drainage pipe for kitchen sink and washing machine must be laid in a disguised 2.”
  • Provide labor and supplies to install new kitchen water pipes made of stainless steel.