All You Need to Know About Renting a Property in Pattaya

guide to renting a property in Pattaya, Thailand

Renting a property is much easier and has a lot of other benefits as opposed to buying or owning a property. Especially in today’s world, where there are many change that as given renters huge advantages. For those who have the money to purchase a property, it’s always the better option because you won’t have a landlord to worry about. But if you don’t have enough funds to purchase one, you can always choose to rent, which is the next best alternative, and is certainly not as bad as you think it is.

Landlords are beginning to get competitive because properties that are being rented are getting better and better. They have to remain on top of their game to ensure that they give the best offers. Aside from that, renting is a cheaper option than owning a property. It also comes with predictable bills, sometimes already set by the landlord.  For those who want a more organized way of living, this will be in your best interest. Here is a short guide to renting a property in Pattaya, Thailand.

Searching for that Perfect Property to Rent in Pattaya

Pattaya is one of the most beautiful places in Thailand. You can expect a great view and awesome locations to visit all the time. That’s why searching for the perfect property to rent can be a bit daunting. There are many factors you need to consider first, like your lifestyle, taste, whether or not it suits your requirements and your budget. You wouldn’t want to rent a 3-bedroom condo, apartment, or house if you are living along with your pets. Certainly, you don’t need that many bedrooms if you don’t plan on having guests all the time.

guide to renting a property in Pattaya, Thailand

You also need to choose whether you want a furnished, unfurnished, or partly furnished home. Don’t worry because this will not affect your rental fee because it’s the landlord’s choice to put pieces of furniture ready to use or none at all. Either of the three options will matter depending on if you’re planning to stay for a long time or not. Some want an unfurnished apartment so they can design it. It’s all about your preferences.

The Amenities that Come with Renting

Renting means you also have to search for a place where amenities are close or some amenities come with it. First, you need to think about your laundry. Does the place come with a laundry facility or not? If none, is there any laundromat nearby? Some already have a laundry facility in the building, which is shared by other renters. Some huge apartments or condos come with a laundry room.

Aside from the laundry facility, you will also need to take into consideration the appliances that come with the place. After all, you wouldn’t want to spend a fortune knowing that the place you rented doesn’t have the main appliances, like the stove and refrigerator, you need. You can always negotiate with your landlord so you get the best out of the money you are willing to spend. After all, the deposit is no joke so you must get your money’s worth.