Competitive And Fast-Approval Car Financing Option In Singapore

Competitive And Fast-Approval Car Financing Option In Singapore

Daily transportation can be a hassle, riding on a bus, especially with today’s price highs. Almost everything gets higher in price, so buying your own vehicle is a perfect decision. Why hassle yourself from thinking of where to buy a car when you can have the easier option, in-house car financing services.

24-hour loan approval

There is no need for long days of waiting to get approved. Finally, here is the solution to your long-time dream of owning an SUV or any vehicle you wish to own. The in-house financing option offers you a car loan option with 1-day approval.

How does it work? Simply call their in-house financing specialist and specify your needs. They will offer you in-house car loan options based on your income.

In-house financing options

Here are the available credit facilities, offered for you:

  • In-house car loan
  • Hire purchase loan
  • COE financing
  • New car financing
  • Used car financing

All these car financing options are convenient for potential buyers. These are flexible financing packages offered; adjustments to these loans have been made for the customers. Not all customers may agree with the terms and conditions of an in-house car loan. So, they still have other options, such as COE financing.

used corporate car export

What is COE financing?

A COE financing is the best option for those who want to have a smooth COE for future vehicles. COE stands for Certificate of Entitlement in the vehicle category. It is a process for vehicle registration. A successful COE bid offers you the right to own a car that is available to use for ten years.

COE cars are popular in Singapore. Anyone who wants to register a new vehicle in SG should obtain a COE first before driving on the road. It represents the right to vehicle ownership and can be the use of limited road space (10 years). Getting a COE in Singapore is mandatory.

Yes, it is one reason why the busy streets of Singapore are still safe to drive because of COE. It serves as your street pass to represent yourself as the right vehicle owner.

New cars or used cars financing

Both financing options are the most common car loan available that most people look forward to in Singapore. If you live in Singapore and want to own a car right away yet don’t have enough money, these car financing options are the best fit choices.

Used cars are always on the go when getting a car financing option.