Confinement Food Tingkat: A Beginner’s Guide

Confinement Food

Asian women have observed “Zuo Yue Zi” for over two and a half millennia. It translates to “Sitting on the Moon.”. It is the 30-day duration after a Chinese woman gives birth during which she stays at home and rests, allowing her body to recover from childbirth and allowing her to bond with the baby.

Green Papaya Soup And Milkfish

This Chinese-style soup with fish slices and green papaya can be eaten up daily and aids in the production of breastmilk.

The milkfish has a less “fishy” smell and taste, but it contains all the nutrients that fish do. It is unquestionably a must-have for your postpartum diet.

Rice Wine Chicken

With foods like sesame oil, ginger, ride wine, and more, this recipe is high in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, which aid in the well-being and healing process of mothers during the postpartum period.

These are high in unsaturated fats, aid in bone health, and fight free radicals. Ginger, for example, is a galactagogue and can help increase breastmilk production.

confinement food tingkat

Pork Liver With Wolfberries & Scallions

This recipe, which contains minerals and vitamins from pork liver, will give you a nutritional boost. It’s regarded as among the best confinement food tingkat(level)┬árecipes. It’s not just for recovering mothers, but also menstruating women and anyone in need of an immune system boost.

Fried Rice With Ginger

This recipe is one of the most simple confinement food recipes to make and contains a lot of nutrition to help your body recover. The dish contains ginger and sesame oil, which help build internal immunity against cooler temperatures.

Furthermore, the anti-inflammatory properties will aid in the healing process.

Black Vinegar Pig Trotter

This meal is a common one when it comes to confinement food recipes, owing to its high nutritional value and abundance of proteins. It’s also excellent for boosting the immune system in people who feel under the weather. Make this at home to replenish your energy reserves.

Fried Pork With Mushrooms

When you have midnight food cravings, this recipe is what you want to eat. The dish contains ginger and mushrooms, as well as a variety of flavors to keep your taste buds delighted.

But, more importantly, its active anti-inflammatory properties, as well as its high fiber and protein content, make it a popular confinement food tingkat(level). These, when combined, assist to provide energy and heal the body more quickly.