Flannel is characterized as a soft and warm fabric, worked through a twill weave, which undergoes different finishing, fulling, raising and combing treatments, which transform it into a thermal insulator Click here to buy bedding sheets.

In addition to its intrinsic calorific value, flannel has the fundamental quality of resistance: it manages to retain color and compactness even after numerous and frequent washes, guaranteeing the warmth sought in the cold season without the risk of premature wear.

We tend to think that over time the flannel sheet will deteriorate, creating those unsightly “balls” along the entire fabric: to overcome this problem everything depends on the choice of flannel sheets. Choosing high quality pure cotton double flannel sheets such as those signed by Carillo Home allows us to obtain a material that lasts over time by covering the bed in an impeccable way.

How to wash flannel sheets? To limit the phenomenon of pilling on the flannel it is important to wash the product using a specific cycle and drying at a low temperature where we choose to use the dryer.

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The history of the complete double flannel bed has its roots in a distant time: this fabric has been used for decades for its ability to retain heat inside the bed and ensure the right warmth throughout the night. The so-called “grandmother’s sheets” are still very popular today, preferred during autumn / winter to the classic cotton sheets that symbolize the coolness you need in spring / summer.

Why choose flannel sheets? There are many advantages linked to the use of this material which represents a real evergreen of bed linen.

A fine and warming fabric, flannel is particularly suitable for those who suffer from chilblains on hands and feet during the winter months. In contact with flannel double sheets the body feels an immediate sensation of warmth and comfort, a decisive mix to be able to fall asleep quickly and well.

The diagonal weave of the flannel double sheets , called twill weave, is fine and soft to the touch: there is no need to waste large quantities of fabric softener to keep them soft, qualities that they possess in a completely natural way. This is why they are also recommended for children’s bedrooms: flannel sheets envelop the little ones in a tender embrace, a cuddle with a calming and soothing effect.