How A Marriage Ceremony Is Celebrated Across The World?

marriage ceremony

No matter where you’re from, there are certain words that are bound to spark joy and a certain set of emotions in your mind. Some may be negative ones, but some words instantly spark joy and pleasure in a person’s mind. Marriage is one such word. The prospect of two families and souls uniting in holy matrimony and a plethora of festivals and joyous celebrations to cherish the same, always sparks immense excitement and joy in the minds of people. A consensual marriage and the proceedings that follow are no less than absolute festivals for all the families involved. Not only is the actual marriage ceremony a joyous occasion but all the proceedings and rituals leading up to it, are equally grand and enthusiastic too. While marriage is celebrated across the world alike, the proceeding ceremonies and rituals may look different everywhere

How is the Union of marriage celebrated across the world?

The way people celebrate pre matrimony rituals depend on where they are from the world. Different countries have different ways of celebrating these rituals since their cultures differ. While English weddings are usually a simple and plain affair with not many ceremonies other than the main d day, South Asian weddings are an entire gala that can easily take certain years to plan. From the outfits of not only the bride and groom to the guests as well as family members to the catering and other minor details can only take upto an year. There are also multiple rituals and they usually span over 3-5 days prior to the main wedding ceremony day. There are many rituals, on the morning of the wedding as well. Usually they are fun games and the entire family can participate but the main star of the event are always the bride and groom. There are fun games and rituals for both of them as a couple and individually as well. Not only this but there are many post wedding rituals too.

Marriage, no matter how it’s celebrated is an immensely joyous occasion in itself. People always live coming together for weddings, since not only do they celebrate the couples themselves but also gives distant family members and family friends a chance to reunite. A wedding is certainly something that can take a long time to plan and is immensely tedious. But it is also something that a lot of people certainly look forward to.