Process of extraction of the CBD oil

cannabis plant

The CBD oil mainly contains the Cannabidiol as the chemical component. It is extracted from the plant known as cannabis. The extract from the cannabis plant also contains other chemical known as tetrahydrocannabidiol. The effect of the Cannabidiol and tetrahydrocannabidiol varies. Due to the medicinal properties of the Cannabidiol, it is commonly added in many products like creams, tablets, tinctures and lotions. This information can be seen on many sites like CBD oil is taken from the leaves or flowers of the cannabis plant. There are many methods of extraction of the CBD oil. The cannabis plants are grown in large scale for the extraction of the CBD oil. Generally, the chemicals like ethanol are used to separate the oil from the cannabis plant extract. And later the oil is concentrated to remove all the waste from the oil. The concentrated oil is very pure and it contains only the Cannabidiol. But it is not very useful in treating the pain. Therefor any type of carrier oil is added to the CBD oil to make it more user friendly. As the carrier oil can be easily absorbed into the skin it can take the CBD oil along with it into the skin. The oil which contains the small size of molecules is generally selected as the carrier oil. Later the oil is shifted into the bottles and branding is done by sticking its name on the bottles. The company also sells the concentrated oil without carrier oil if it is used in the other products manufacture.


In this way CBD oil is extracted and manufactured.