wedding rehearsal catering

If you’re helping to plan your best friend’s wedding, you know how important it is to get everything just right on the big day. But another key part of making the rehearsal dinner or cocktail hour go smoothly will be planning ahead with your catering service and making sure the food and drinks are perfect on the day before the wedding. Follow our expert tips below on wedding rehearsal catering to make sure everything comes together beautifully.

Treat the occasion like it’s the actual event

Your rehearsal should be treated as seriously as any other party you’re hosting, with one key difference: The food and drink. You want to make sure that your wedding rehearsal is memorable for all of your guests and, ideally, not just because it was catered by Taco Bell, says pastry chef and caterer Michelle Gayer of Minneapolis-based restaurant Salty Tart. Think about how special they are to you, she says. And think about what they might like. Don’t assume everyone will love sushi or steak tartare; when in doubt, stick with something simple like grilled chicken or flank steak served over mashed potatoes and green beans.

Have Plenty of Food

If you’re hosting a rehearsal dinner, make sure there are plenty of options for guests to choose from. You don’t want them leaving hungry, and forcing them to crowd around one platter of food isn’t exactly appetizing either. If people are full from dinner before even showing up at your reception, they may be less inclined to stick around.

Set up Decorations

Make sure you have everything you need at your venue. If you have decorations, set them up as early as possible to avoid delays or last-minute scrambling. Remember, too, that there may be a cost for setting up and taking down decorations. Make sure there’s plenty of time for people to do so before your event begins. If you plan on having a wedding rehearsal catering, make sure it doesn’t interfere with guests attending other events.

Keep the Event Stress Free

A successful wedding rehearsal is all about making everything as stress free as possible for your bride and groom-to-be. The most important thing to remember when planning any type of event is to listen to what your clients want; once you understand their vision for their day, you’ll be able to plan accordingly so that everyone leaves happy.