The main reason why chocolate is considered indulgent is that it causes weight gain

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The health benefits of raw or minimally processed dark chocolate, rich in cocoa solids, outweigh milk and white chocolate. The purest and darkest chocolate has more cocoa solids than milk chocolate and white chocolate postres. Dark chocolate is usually between 50 and 90 per cent cocoa solids, while milk chocolate is between 10 and 30 per cent cocoa solids. You won’t get any health benefits from white chocolate.

You get a chocolate paste or cocoa liquor from dried cacao beans when you grind cacao nibs up. Raw cacao nibs are crushed pieces of dried cacao beans. Once the cocoa fat, or cocoa butter, is removed from the cocoa paste chocolate postres, cocoa solids result. When cocoa solids are dried, they become cocoa powder. To experience significant health benefits from chocolate, you need to consume more cocoa solids, which contain minerals and antioxidants, while cocoa butter does not.

Dark chocolate contains phenolic acids, flavonoids, minerals, and polyphenolic compounds. Anthocyanins, phenolic acids, and flavonols like epicatechin and catechin are particularly abundant in chocolate. You will benefit from these compounds in protecting your cells from inflammation, improving your brain function, and boosting your immune system.

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As well as lowering bad cholesterol levels, dark chocolate contains flavanols, which lower blood pressure and improve blood flow, lowering bad cholesterol levels and preventing plaque buildup on arterial walls. Moderation is key to reducing heart disease risk. It also lowers inflammation in the body.

Beware of artificial ingredients added to chocolate, such as caramel and marshmallows that can remove some of its health benefits. If the bar is three ounces, eat only one-third of it at one time and wait a couple of days before enjoying more.

A carob pod comes from a tree in the Mediterranean area. Its pulp is ground into a powder that tastes like cocoa powder but is low in fat, high in fibre, and does not contain caffeine, as does chocolate. Cacao nibs are broken-up cocoa beans, which are not as processed as chocolate beans. Ground them up and use them in baking or things like yoghurt and trail mix. It’s very high in fibre and antioxidants too.

Mice given epicatechin, a magical flavanol in chocolate, were much stronger and fitter than those only given water. You should limit the amount of chocolate you consume to half a square a day if you want the best results from your workout! If you consume too much, you could undo its benefits.