Tips for Choosing a Wheelchair Ramp That Meets Your Needs

Various reasons such as accidents, illnesses or injuries can affect a person’s mobility. Mobility and the ability to freely carry out daily activities is something that most people take for granted. Therefore, they may need some kind of mobile equipment to help them. Among the various types of mobility equipment, wheelchair ramps are quite common and useful.

To one degree or another, they make places more accessible for people with rampe handicapé. They can help you climb slopes or stairs, get in and out of your car, etc. However, there are many types of wheelchair ramps available on the market. Therefore, when you decide to buy a wheelchair ramp, it is very important to make the right decision. The reason is that the wrong choice can render your ramp useless.

When choosing a ramp, it is important to consider a few points before purchasing a ramp.

Let’s take a look at them.

Factors to consider when choosing wheelchair ramps

  1. Purpose

The first thing to look at is your primary goal. Depending on the purpose, you can choose one of the following basic types of ramps.

  • Solid – Available in various sizes, these ramps are ideal for low steps and thresholds. They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Installation is easier than any other ramp, as there is no need to lay out and organize them.
  • Modular: This type of ramps is partially portable. Installing or removing them can take longer than completely portable options. They can be suitable for places where permanent ramps cannot be built.
  • Let’s say you have moved to a new city and are continuing to build your own home. At the moment, you rented an apartment for a year. In this scenario, you might consider using a modular ramp, since once you fix them; you won’t have to lug them around for a year.
  • Threshold – As the name suggests, these ramps are ideal for tackling low obstacles such as entry thresholds. They are usually lightweight and easy to carry. It only takes a few seconds to install or remove some of them, such as the fiberglass ramp.
  • Suitcase: This variant of ramps is one of the most common portable ramps available. These ramps fold in half and have a handle like a suitcase. Its design makes it easy to transport.
  • It takes a little time to set them up. Just place them where you need them and they are ready to go. They provide easy access to steps, curbs and other obstacles.
  • Multiple folding – these ramps are also portable and you can use them where the luggage ramps are not long enough.
  1. Surface

The area of ​​the wheelchair ramp is an important factor to consider. Make sure the ramp you purchased has a non-slip finish. This cover makes it easy to remove and prevents slipping.

  1. Bearing capacity

Carrying capacity is another factor to consider when choosing a ramp. If you need an assistant to move the wheelchair, the load limit on the ramp must be at least the sum of the weights of the wheelchair, its user, and the guardian.

Second, electric wheelchairs are usually heavier than manual ones. Hence, the ramp you are using for the electric wheelchair must have a higher carrying capacity.

  1. Storage and transportation

To buy a wheelchair ramp, you should also consider where you will store it after use. Typically, some ramps are foldable and easy to store.