The Church Of Jesus: Offers Biblical Knowledge To The World

In this world, you can see that different religions have various beliefs. You can judge them just because you think you are right. There are no accurate beliefs. You don’t need to base if the people are committed and have a good relationship with God because of their religion. What you need to base is your relationship with him and how many things you know about the word of the bible. A lot of people are still not in a good relationship with Jesus. Some people are still confused about the word of God. They are confused because some of the words are too deep that you can’t understand what’s the meaning behind them. To understand them you need someone willing to teach for you to understand and encourage you to keep up building your beliefs and trust.

What does the Church of Jesus do?

You see, this site is talking about Jesus here and the things you must need to learn and know. If you want to strengthen your knowledge about Jesus they are willing to help you with biblical knowledge. The site is called the church of Jesus. The Church is also known as the temple of the tabernacle of the testimony. The Shincheonji is an offshoot of the Christian new religious movement that is established in South Korea. The founder of the Church is Lee Man-Hee. Lee Man-Hee was being claimed as the pastor promised in the new testament in the bible. It is believed that Lee Man-Hee is an instrument used by heaven to accomplish this work and make it real.

The Church of Jesus teaches that only true faith can receive salvation in the time of final judgment. They are teaching about revelations in the bible to make you aware that those who don’t repent will be denied forgiveness and destroyed. They can help you with a lot of bible words to spread the good news about Jesus. It is the temple promised in the bible that is developed according to the formation of heaven that is recorded in God’s word. They offer biblical knowledge to churches and believers all over the world. What they do is to preach and teach new biblical awareness. They guide and help the believers and churches how to properly carry out their life of faith.

They offer community service works

What’s more interesting is that they are engaging the community service work that will help other people and be the light to the world. They are willing to help and give someone light of the darkest hours of their life. They volunteer to provide needs to those who are in need. They also volunteer to teach someone to enhance their faith and their own beliefs about Jesus. Especially the pandemic is still not yet over. They help someone to give light and hope by preaching and spreading awareness by teaching all over the world. The Shincheonji members are all working hard during this pandemic to end the covid and restore the livelihood of the world.